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Rocking it on the Rockfish

I've been out with the Rockfish a bunch of times and been out on charters all around the NY/NJ area for a number of years. Rich is one of the best. With his fishing background there was a lot of excitement to experience a charter with him in his first few seasons on his own. I've been lucky to fish with some of the best captains on our waters. They each have their game elevated to such a level in the area and method they's amazing to be part of it. Vinny Vetere working lower NY Harbor and the rivers at dawn, Nicky No Time togging and then banging bass between tides when the blackfish stop chewing, Steve on the Sea Queen getting 30 lines drifting perfectly over the piece swarming with stripers, and Richie on the Rockfish drifting live ones and chunking after dark.

The size of the boat and experience of Rich at the helm lets him work spots the big boats can't get to and others the smaller boats don't think is fishable.

Me and a buddy clobbered them last night. Not like the July days of nuttin' but 40's and up, but we were constantly hooked up. Small blues, big blues, over 15 stripers with ten of them keeper size. It wasn't a no brainer moon night, or everyone catching on a new body of fish moving in, or a honey hole that holds resident schoolies. Local knowledge and years of fishing got us on those fish.

Every fisherman says there's not enough fishing time. Unlike a lot of fish tales there's a good chunk of truth to that saying. I've never been disappointed when I use an opportunity to go with Rich and Felix.

In addition to booking a full charter you can also check out Brooklyn Fishing Club these guys run open boat trips on the Rockfish. So now you have no excuse.

I'm a great fill in the charter guy by the way if you run into one of those "I really wanted to go but..."

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