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Manhattan to Montauk Fishing


As unique as our fish are, even more unique are the shorelines and anglers along 121 miles between Manhattan to Montauk. Manhattan to Montauk - our brand, our identity and our philosophy is about the fish, waters, and anglers along those 121 miles. From reports to columns, gear and directories of the tops in angling in our area, Manhattan to Montauk is the destination for all those that share the passion.

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Charter boat or party boat, fishing pier or jetties on the Atlantic, the waters surrounding our coastlines are inhabited by some of the most majestic, intriguing, and intelligent fish imaginable. What’s unimaginable to many is that these fish are here. Learning their habits, tendencies and a respect for their population is not exclusive to exotic zip codes, or decades on the water. As blessed as we are with this local fishery, so too are we with the anglers who protect, celebrate and share it. 

From Manhattan to Montauk is a stretch of land and water as unique and diverse as those who populate it. Time on the water is measured in days by some, years by others, and decades by a lucky few. My days turned into a few years from the generosity of those going from years to decades. In an age where advice is so easily at hand, it’s hard to believe the lifetimes of knowledge those that know the passion can share.

Manhattan to Montauk is a place to learn both about one of the greatest fisheries in the Atlantic, and the responsibility of every angler to keep its greatness for generations to come. It’s a place to share in our triumphs, and find solutions to our challenges. 

Nice to  have you here!

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